OJI Special's How to clear PC trouble.

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Tere are a lot of troublems when we are build a new PC.
We want to clear these trouble at least.But we can't clear these trouble.
We should better using any way in order to clear the trouble.
unfortunately there was no good idea in product maker.
We'll happy, We'll happy, these solution will be your small advice in order to clear your pc's trouble.
Thank you.

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I couldn't do automatic update Windows Genuine Advantage (KB892130)

Even if I'm using automatic update.I couldn't automatic update Windows Genuine Advantage (KB892130)

Please download the file from Microsoft website, and update.
After sending a made PC to the customer, such trouble occurs in the place of the customer

After sending a made PC to the customer, such trouble occurs in the place of the customer.<br>
Of course, when creating, there is no problem.

The socket that before Intel chipset 945,
these socket has weak point.
that is the lever.
The socket before becoming 945
Specifically,socket of pin 478 such as 845, 875 while the catching of the lever was bad.
When changing into the outside the company from the heat sink of the retail BOX attachment.
It will had better fix a lever.
When working quietly
It didn't find cause readily because it had worked neatly.
>We want to run intel 805 dual core cpu at Intel MotherBoard 945.

Intel MotherBoard 945 suport Intel 805 dual core cpu.
But the motherboard can not make the cpu run.
We tried to rewrite the BIOS to new BIOS code using CD image from Intel support page.
But we couldn't.

We retried to rewrite the BIOS using FDD.
We got success.
When you rewrite BIOS code.
Please use FDD.
The C drive had become the other name drive in the start-up drive.

When we install Windows OS, with USB card reader drive.The C drive had become the other name drive in the start-up drive.lol


The reason is simple .
Because it has recognized USB card reader as the drive of the side at the head Of installation.
It makes one HDD to want to install and it installs OS first.
You install USB card reader late
I can't remove canorpus MTV1000 driver.

We want to change the other TV card after install canorpus MTV1000.
but there was the message 'No find canorpus MTV-1000'

Please@download creaner from canopus website, and running the aplication..
It will remove the data of resistry for MTV siries.
What is the most important in manufacturing a PC?

There are a lot of important things in the PC manufacturing.
What will be the most important to evade trouble?

It attempts to start up by the minimum composition.

1,Power supply
2,Mother Board
5,Video card
6,Key Board

Please watch the BIOS at first..
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