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Epox M762A iES)@Dual platform motherboard preview !


All of PC fans are waiting for the schedule.
The  Epox's new dual platform motherboard will be releaseed ,It's coming soon!
I  could do preview about Epox new dual platform motherboard.

Our comments might not be able to test about all of results as preview and doesn't enough time to mention.
also the mother board is engineering-sample.
Then this report may be different from  mother board that get from proper channels.

Even If you have different feelings  from the motherboard  that is got performance, we cannot guarantee it.
Also if you have some trouble, we cannot guarantee and support it.

Special thanks!
Thanks to your help, we could preview  new product of dual Athlon platform motherboard with faster than other press corps.
Thank you for your help which makes us happy!

Epox Computer@CO.,LTD.
Musterdseed CO.,LTD
Compyuter Shop 'Digital Place'
Mr kuro2*

MP1200@@ S-ƒΞ@1'30''@i‚v‚‰‚Ž‚„‚‚—‚“‚Q‚O‚O‚Oino modifyljAdefault setting of memory, one CPU) 2001/dec/19

MP1800 Test results (2001/Dec/19)

XP1800 Test results (2001/Dec/19)


‚P-‚PCInstall of hard ware.

I wanted to make sure how much it has special ability
Then first of all, I tested about that it will succeed with no guarantee.

‚PjCTwo Duron 600s@are are posted without any troubl
But we have to notice bios warning that DURON does not support dual system.
It could be booted under compulsion setting of FSB133.

‚QjCThis motherboard looks like requesting ECC-Memory.

The mother board has been started. with Crucial@‚Q‚T‚UM@DDR,266MACL2.5@ECC@also using all of slots had no problem.

These memory were not booted,but I couldn't make sure about why it didn't, because the mother board is engineering-sample.
I hope it'll be fixed by it's on consumer market.


‚RjPower supply

# ‚`‚n‚‚…‚Ž@@@‚e‚r‚o-‚R‚T‚O-‚U‚O‚o‚si‚R‚T‚O‚vj

That needs the conversion connecter(12V to 4pin) .@

That needs the conversion connecter(12V to 4pin) .@

the conversion connecter

both  of heat sinks (kanie's 294M and wing type) can set on the mother board.
If you want to set  the heat sink at cpu2 socket. AGP slot is covered with the heat-sink.
Then You had better get 294M model heat-sink in order to do Over-Clock.
I think, KNIE's 294M model is the best choice for Over Clockers.



The bios on the board is made by Award-BIOS. Then I get used it, so I have no problem


We can set FSB 100MHz to 132MHz by 1MHz step from 100MHz boot setting.
Also we can set FSB 133MHz to 166MHz by 1MHz step from 133MHz boot setting.
I could boot  this mother boaed at 150MHz setting.

‚QjMemory setting.
Idle Cycle Limit
Page hit Limit
Trc Cycle
Trp Cycle
Tras Cicle
CAS Latency Cicle
Trcd Cycle
It can set part of that setting.
It looks like EP-8K7A's bios.

We could boot setting of 8882222.

I want this motherboard, Because it's good for over Clocking.
Because Other supplier's mother boards cannot set that.

‚P-‚RCInstall OS

We could install Windows2000 SR2 and WindowsXP without trouble.
and all of default drivers are installed..

‚QCBenchmark results.

FSB 133MHz

VideoCard   NVidia Riva TNT2 Model 64
Resolution  1024x768 (16Bit color)
OS          Windows XP
‚l‚…‚‚‚’‚™@Crucial 256MB,DDR,266,CL2.5,ECC

You can understand that is better than Tiger MP a little.
I'm looking forward to testing other CPUs